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Higher Technician in Administration and Finance


Basic vocational Training passed
 E.S.O passed
R.E.M first cycle passed
 B.U.P. second course passed
  FP1 (Vocational Training) certified
In hold of an Intermediate level vocational training cycle (certified technician)
In hold of the corresponding access test

Professional Module Hours Year
0648. Human Resources and social cooperative responsibility 99 1st
0649. Ofimatic information processing 231 1st
0650. Integral business activity process 198 1st
0651. Communication and customer service 132 1st
0179. Technical English 132 1st
0652. Human Resources management 99 1st
0658. Career training and guidance 99 1st
0647. Legal and company documentation management 100 2nd
0653.Financial management 120 2nd
0654. Accounting and tax systems 180 2nd
0655. Logistics and Sales management 80 2nd
0656. Company Simulation 120 2nd
0657. Administration and Finance project 50 2nd
0660. Work placement 360 2nd
Duration of cycle 2.000

The holder of this diploma will be able to:

• Process documents or internal and external communications in the information circuits of the company.
• Elaborate documents and communications from received orders. acquired information and/or identified needs.
• Classify, register and file communications and documents according to the appropnate techniques and the established parameters of the company.
• Manage business administrative procedures in commercial, financial, accounting and tax fields with an integrative vision.
•Accomplish the accounting and tax management of the company, according to the administrative processes and procedures, applying the current regulations and in safety and quality environments.
• Supervise the treasury management, the raising of financial resources and the viability study of inversion projects. according to the established rules and conventions.
• Accomplish the administrative management of the commercial processes, carrying out documentation tasks and business activities with suppliers and guidance and relation with the client.
• Process and accomplish the administrative management when presenting documents in different organizations in the required time and manner.

Further training:
Students enrolled on this vocational cycle may receive further training to choose from:

  • Forklift handling.
  • Bridge crane handling.
  • The knowledge needed to carry out labour risk prevention basic level activities.
  • English extra classes.


Possibility to have placement abroad with the Erasmus + programme.

Possibility to accomplish DUAL Vocational Training: Modality that allows students to alternate school training and company training.

*Continue studying:

  • Professional specialization courses.
  • A High Level vocational Training Cycle.
  • Another Medium Level vocational Training Cycle with the possibility of establishing validations of professional modules according to current regulations.
  • A Levels in all its modalities.

*Accessible ranges of occupations:

•Office Administration.
•Sales Administration.
• Finance Administration.
• Accounting Administration.
• Logistic Administration.
• Banking and insurance Administration.
• Human Resources Administration.
• Public Administration.
• Legal, accounting, labor, tax or administrative consultancies.
• Payments technician.
• Customer service Supervisor.


Field: Administration and management
Number of courses: Usual Schedule, in the morning: 2 courses.
Methodology: Collaborative learning based on challenges.
Duration: 2000 hours. ( at school and at the company)
Models: D

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