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Higher Technician in Office Director Assistance


Basic vocational Training passed
E.S.O passed
R.E.M first cycle passed
B.U.P. second course passed.
FP1 (Vocational Training) certification
In hold of an Intermediate level vocational training cycle (certified technician)
In hold of the corresponding access test

Professional Module HOURS CURSE
0647. Management of Legal and Business Documents 100 2nd
0648. Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility 99 1st
0649. Office Automation and Information Processing 231 1st
0650. Integral Process of Commercial Activity 231 1st
0651. Communication and Customer Service 198 1st
0179. English 132 1st
0180. Second Foreign Language 120 2nd
0661. Business Protocol 120 2nd
0662. Organization of Corporate Events 140 2nd
0663. Advanced Management of Information 120 2nd
0664. Project on Management Assistance 50 2nd
0665. Professional Training and Guidance 99 1st
0667. On the Job Training 360 2nd

The holder will be able to:

· Manage information and filing systems, in conventional and computer support under secure conditions and establishing control measures.

· Communicate orally and in writing accurately in at least two foreign languages.

· Organize and manage the management’s agenda and communications, coordinating their activity with other areas or organizations.

· Manage the organization of events, meetings and other corporate events, following established rules and protocols.

· Develop public relations tasks in the company, through cooperation with other internal and external instances.

· Make presentations of documents and reports, integrating texts, data and graphics, using computer applications.

· Perform basic administration tasks in the commercial, financial, accounting and tax areas of the company with a global and integrated vision of these processes.

· Process documents and internal or external communications in the company’s information circuits.

· Prepare documents and communications based on orders received, information obtained and/or needs detected.

· Classify, register and file communications and documents according to the appropriate techniques and parameters established in the company.

Further training:
Students enrolled in this training cycle, have the possibility of receiving the following complementary training:

· Handling of forklift trucks.

· Bridge crane operation.

· English reinforcement classes

· The necessary knowledge to carry out the activities of basic level of Occupational Risk Prevention



Possibility to have placement abroad with the Erasmus + programme.

Possibility to accomplish DUAL Vocational Training: Modality that allows students to alternate school training and company training.

Trilingual option:

Some modules in English.

An opportunity to improve the level of English and at the same time, enrich the curriculum.

Students enrolled in this training cycle may continue studying or have the option of directly accessing the labor market:

Continue Studying:

  • Professional specialization courses.
  • Another Higher Level Vocational Training cycle with the possibility of establishing validation of professional modules in accordance with current regulations.
  • University studies with the possibility of establishing validations in accordance with current regulations.

Accesible Ranges of Occupations:

  • Director’s Assistant.
  • Personal Assistant.
  • Director’s secretary.
  • Office and Management Assistant.
  • Legal Assistant.
  • Assistant to Human Resources departments.
  • Administrative in Public Administrations and Organisms.


FAMILY: Administration and management
NUMBER OF COURSES: 2 years, morning.
METHODOLOGY: Collaborative learning based on challenges.
Total Hours: 2.000 hours (In the center and in the company).

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