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Design and Production of Forging Processes


The certificates that give access to this post-cycle specialized professionalization programme are the following:
• High Level Mechanical Manufacturing Design Technician.
• High Level Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing Technician.
• High Level Industrial Mechatronics Technician.


It is a specialization created to train technicians specialized in forging. A large number of forging companies are located in the region of Alto Deba and the surrounding areas. In the absence of specific training focused on forging, a plan to meet this need was launched in 2005 under the name “Maiatz”. In fact, the cold and hot forge has undergone a great technological evolution.

The complexity of the manufactured components, their specifications, the development of presses, the automation of the processes that require highly qualified people. In developing this plan, the launch of the Cold Forging Speciality in 2008 was an important milestone.

Returning to the current specialty, it has been from 2016 when it has gone on to offer and complete the specialty of forging in its totality, attaching to those of cold, contents and specific formation of hot forging.

Training is carried out in the DUAL mode; In other words, in the simultaneous format of learning and work”, the student will carry out the training with a contract or scholarship focused on that period, with the collaboration of different companies.

Professional Module Year Hours
Forging manufacturing processes 1st 80
Forging products design 1st 120
Design and simulation of Forging tools 1st 100
Set-up of presses and execution of forging processes 1st 260
Forging project 1st 60

This professional will be able to:
• Design the sequences to manufacture the components by means of cold, semi-hot and hot-forging.
• Design the instruments and the necessary tools and also to program. plan and develop the different manufacturing operations.
• Inspect and apply the necessary procedures to manage quality, universal accessibility and proper design for everybody.

Students enrolled on this vocational cycle may receive further training to choose from:
• Forklift handling.
• English extra classes.
• Bridge crane handling.
• The knowledge needed to carry out labour risk prevention basic level activities.

Students enrolled on this vocational cycle will be able to keep on studying or will have the option to directly access the working world.
* Continue STUDYING:
• Professional specialization courses.
• Another High Level Vocational Course with the possibility of establishing validation of professional modules according to current regulations.
• University studies with the possibility of establishing validations in accordance with current regulations.

* Accesible Ranges of Occupations:
• Oualified technician of cold, semi-hot and hot-forging.


Field: Mechanical Manufacturing
Number of courses: 1 academic year.
Duration: 1200 hours. (on the DUAL programme 4 hours at school and 4 hours at the company)

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