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Specialization programme Smart Manufacturing


· Higher Technician in Mechanical Production Scheduling.

· Higher Technician in Mechanical Manufacture Design.

· Higher Technician in Electrotechnical and Automated Systems.

· Higher Technician in Industrial Mechatronics.

· Higher Technician in Electronic Maintenance.

· Higher Technician in Electrotechnical and Automated Systems.



5011 Intelligent production processes. 247 hours
5012 Metrology and intelligent instrumentation 114 hours
5013 Networked environments and Internet of things 114 hours
5014 Virtualization of machines and production processes. 95 hours
5015 Work placement / DUAL in-company training 420 hours
TOTAL 990 hours

This specialization course consists of developing and managing production process adaptation projects, identifying production objectives, taking into account key performance indicators (KPIs), and applying advanced production control technologies and quality and safety requirements.

The holder of this diploma will be able to:

Pursue their activity in public and private companies, in the industrial production sector and with a significant automation component, whose activities have a clear trend towards the integration of all their digital systems of operation and management.

Students enrolled in this vocational cycle may receive further training in:

Handling of forklift trucks.

Bridge crane operation.

English reinforcement classes.

The necessary knowledge to carry out the activities of basic level of Occupational Risk Prevention.

Possibility to accomplish DUAL Vocational Training: Modality that allows students to alternate school training and company training.

Students enrolled in this specialization course will be able to continue studying or will have the option of directly accessing the labor market:


Expert in intelligent manufacturing systems.

Knowledgeable as an advanced user of the different advanced technologies used in intelligent manufacturing with the ability to analyze the KPI’s to improve production processes.

Responsible for technological surveillance of advances in intelligent manufacturing and change manager of the organization with the ability to generate digitization strategies.

Specialist in applying the latest advances in intelligent manufacturing in the company and bringing it closer to the 4.0 reference.

Coordinator/Responsible for a team of integrators of advanced technologies in smart manufacturing.

Change manager in the digital transformation of the company.


Level:Higher Level Professional Training
Family:Installation and Maintenance
Number of courses:Usual schedule, in the morning: 1 course with practices included
Methodology: Collaborative learning based on challenges
Duration: 960 hours (In the center and in the company).

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