Agirrebidea, 2 · 20570 BERGARA  (Gipuzkoa) · Tel.: 943 899 270
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Collaborating with companies

We develop innovation projects with the direct participation of companies, taking advantage of different funding channels..

Projects in progress (2018-2019):

Debagoienean STEAM praktika onak bultzatuz, esperimentazio proiektua.

Completed projects:

-Working group on simulation of forging processes (2018-2019).

-Lainoztatu 4×4 (2018-2019)

-Evaluation of lubrication in reverse extrusion (2017-2018)

-Promoting, reinforcing and strengthening the DUAL system (2017-2018)

-Numerical analysis community (2016-2017)

-Arinauto (2015-2017)

-Tube Extrusion (2016-2017)

-Characterisation of lubrication oils in cold forming (2016-2017)

-Berrireki, Open Innovation in Forging Simulation (2015-2016)