Agirrebidea, 2 · 20570 BERGARA  (Gipuzkoa) · Tel.: 943 899 270

Collaboration with educational center

Innovative projects are developed in Miguel Altuna driven by TKnika, together with other Vocational Schools.

Ongoing projects (2018-2019):

Acquisition of process data in machine tool 4.0.
Reverse engineering and topology optimization.
Advanced Manufacturing Node.      
Interactive DBRFM.
Development of personal image application using 3D scanner and 3D printing.

Finished projects:

Develop machine for the calibration of metres and patterns by telecentric camera (2017-2018).
Study of the formability of stainless steels (2017-2018).
Virtual Environments (2017-2018).
Augmented Reality in Mechanical Manufacturing (2016-2017).
Direct Servo in the Technology of Conformation (2016-2017).
Data capture and processing in samrt manufacturing (2016-2017).
Safety integrated (2016-2017).
Reverse engineering (2015-2017).
Collaborative Robotic (2015-2016).
Programming parameterized in CNC (2015-2016).
Collagen (2015-2016).