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EthaziENG 2

Collaborative learning based on challenges

The core element on which the whole learning model is articulated deals with the collaborative learning based on challenges.

The approach of a problematic situation, its transformation towards a challenge, as well as the whole process till obtaining a result is structured starting from the technical and specific competences of each cycle, including those transversal competences which have right now a strategic character, such as: autonomy, implication, communication etc.

“The work process must enable the students live the situation like a challenge and search the best solutions”

The problematic situations, in all cases, are raised to a class configured in teams, where the work process must enable the students to live the situation like a challenge, and from that point on, have the opportunity to generate the necessary knowledge that allows him-her to provide the best solutions.


Challenges among different modules.
Asses to be able to evolve in the competence development.
Teaching team of self-managed cycles.
Adaptation of learning areas.

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