Agirrebidea, 2 · 20570 BERGARA  (Gipuzkoa) · Tel.: 943 899 270
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Companies networks participants

Miguel Altuna Vocational School is fully integrated into the industrial network of the Alto Deba region, and offers through the Vocational Modules, the specialization programs and training for employment, among others, the degree of qualification and specialization workers need and the world of work requires.

Thus, in order to guarantee social development and facilitate students’ employment, Miguel Altuna Vocational School works jointly with companies and institutions; we could mention from those, 385 collaboration agreements for innovative, technological, financing projects, cooperations for the validation of the training, training on students´ work centers and related to theoretical-practical training. Training related technological innovations for workers and teachers as well. These agreements have been signed by local companies as well as international ones, together with groups or business associations (among the international companies, we could mention agreements signed with a business association from Holland, or companies from Japan, USA or Mexico).

These collaborative agreements have been due to different evaluations and diagnoses, that have been carried out at different level.
Besides companies, we also collaborate with different business agents (Basque Government Industrial Department, Basque Agency for Development Cooperation, SPRI, Basque Trade Union organizations, LANBIDE Basque Employment Agency, Business Organizations from the Basque Autonomous Community as well as National and International (Confebask, Adegi, Sife, Asefi, ICFG etc).

As a Vocational School, we are in close relationship with different entities belonging to the education system (Basque Autonomous Community Vocational Schools, National Vocational Schools and Universities, TKNIKA- Basque Country Vocational Center for research and applied innovation , IVAC-EEI Basque Institute for Vocational Training Knowledge , Erasmus+, etc) and with different entities from our closest environment, like Alto Deba Commonwealth and Bergara´s town hall, among others.