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International projects

We believe that nowadays it is of the utmost importance to be up to date and to respond to the needs of pedagogical and industrial development. For this reason, some years ago we considered that going beyond our borders could be a great opportunity to open up new avenues for our concerns. At this moment we could say that it has been an interesting and very satisfactory experience.

We started this journey in 2008, with the first international project MAIATZ-SIMULFORM, and since then we have participated in many projects, in four of which we have played a coordinating role: COOP-PBL- IN VET, FEM FORGING, KNOW 3D TECH, Ebridge 2 VET Mobility, EntraiMo and DOST. In addition to these completed projects, we are currently working on two other international projects: Engender and VETriangle.

The added value that this experience has given us has been reflected in a better preparation of our teaching staff, which in turn translates into a better preparation of our students, and as a result of this, of course, the companies in the region with which we collaborate are directly benefited.

The results obtained lead us to have the firm disposition to continue working in this direction.

LCAMP (2022-2026)

ADMIC Assessing Digital Maturity in Colleges (2021-2023)
DigitalVET (2021-2023)
EXAM 4.0 (2019-2021)
VETRIANGLE (2016-2018)
DOST (2014-2016)
FEM FORGING (2012-2014) 
KNOWTECH 3D (2012-2014)
 COOP PBL IN VET (2010-2012)