Agirrebidea, 2 · 20570 BERGARA  (Gipuzkoa) · Tel.: 943 899 270
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LHL Lanbide Heziketaren Lagunak is a non-profit association that works together with the Miguel Altuna LHII centre in Bergara.

During these years, LHL Lanbide Heziketaren Lagunak has contributed in the management of:

Registration of placement applications and offers.
Renewals and modifications.
Personal interviews.
Guidance and information on the labour market situation
Guidance and information on training offers.
Individualised follow-up helping people to determine their skills and interests in order to prepare their CV.

Since 2006, the Lifelong Learning Mediation Service, Bizikasi now colled IkasDebagoiena, has also been working in LHL Lanbide Heziketaren Lagunak, thus offering all the educational information of the region (, helping to obtain the course information they need and promoting personal development and facilitating the organisation of activities (courses, talks, workshops, etc.) with the collaboration of different agents in the region.



Unemployed people.
Active people who want to change or improve their employment situation.
People with difficulties in integrating into the labour market.
People at risk of exclusion.
In general, people actively seeking employment.


Relationship with the Guidance and Placement Offices of the Alto Deba and surrounding areas.
To offer each applicant personalised attention, carrying out the actions detailed below:

  Identify the needs of each applicant.
  To inform about the means available in the region to find employment.
   Advise on the training offer taking into account the situation of the labour market.
   Help in the creation of a personalised CV, informing about the means of job search, such as job boards, web pages, etc.

943 899 272 / 943 899 273 or