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Nest of companies

What is Urratsbat?

Urratsbat is a programme promoted by the Vice-Ministry of Vocational Training of the Department of Education, Language Policy and Culture of the Basque Government and coordinated by TKNIKA to help vocational training students to create their own company. Setting up a company is no easy task, which is why Urratsbat chooses to turn the centres into business incubators and nurseries. If the business projects so require, the people participating in the programme will also be able to use other facilities, such as the centre’s workshops, to make the prototypes of the product under study.

In addition, each centre has a person who carries out awareness-raising work (talks to present self-employment as a real way out of the labour market) and dynamisation (tutoring) of business projects, accompanying each participant throughout the process of creating their own company.

Who is it aimed at?

Urratsbat is aimed at second year students of Vocational Training Centres of intermediate and higher level, Miguel Altuna alumni and anyone who has a relationship with the Miguel Altuna Lanbide Heziketa through non-regulated training courses or non-classroom training.

In the Urratsbat programme we offer you:

  • A person in charge at Miguel Altuna at the disposal of each participant throughout the whole process.
  • An Entrepreneurship Office in the Teaching Centre, properly equipped, so that the necessary work can be carried out in the process of creating the company.
  • Possibility of using the Miguel Altuna’s equipment during the launching phase.
  • Comprehensive advice service that helps entrepreneurs to turn their business idea into a business reality.


Over the last 16 years, at Miguel Altuna Lanbide Heziketa we have been working to promote new business projects through the URRATS BAT entrepreneurship programme.

Moving forward in this work, Miguel Altuna Lanbide Heziketa has once again committed itself to the creation of companies, establishing the business incubator in a pavilion in Amillaga, where a business project is taking its first steps in the research and development of its products.