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Ikasenpresa is an educational program developed around the creation of school companies in the classroom. The objectives of this project include bringing the world of business into the classroom, promoting the development of entrepreneurial skills (creativity, innovation, teamwork, decision making, initiative, leadership, commitment and determination, negotiation, etc.), stimulating the approach to other cultures and social realities and promoting cooperation between schools.


To create an Ikasenpresa, so that students are aware of what entrepreneurship implies and the steps they have to take to do it.

To develop the students’ skills to turn them into excellent professionals – employable, active, enterprising and intra-entrepreneurial people.

To raise students’ awareness so that self-employment becomes another option.


The students set up a small company in which they carry out all the activities of the same: corporate image, administration, marketing, sales, etc. Their products are real, self-made or marketed.

Throughout the course, two assemblies of entrepreneurs are held with the participation of two representatives of each company; in the first assembly they present their company to the rest of the participants, and in the second one they tell the progress of the company. In the first part of these meetings, they are given workshops on Communication and Point of Sale.

During the month of February, a fair is organized for the students to work the point of sale and offer their products to the public.

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Creating a company is not an easy task; therefore, Urratsbat chooses to turn the centers into incubators and business incubators. If the business projects so require, each participant in the program may also use other facilities, such as the Miguel Altuna LHII workshops, to make the prototypes of the product under study.

Who is it aimed at?
Urratsbat is aimed at students in the second year of the Miguel Altuna LHII middle and high school, Miguel Altuna LHII alumni and anyone who has a relationship with the Miguel Altuna LHII through non-formal training courses or non-classroom training.

Services offered by Urratsbat:
There is an assigned person at  Miguel Altuna LHII at the disposal of the promoter throughout the process.

An Entrepreneurship Office in the Miguel Altuna LHII, properly equipped, so that the necessary work can be developed in the process of creating the company.

Possibility of using the equipment of the Miguel Altuna LHII during the launching phase.

Comprehensive advisory service that facilitates the entrepreneur to turn his business idea into a business reality.



Manager: Ane Bastida

Address: Agirrebidea 2, 20570 Bergara

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00.

Tel.: 943 899 270