Agirrebidea, 2 · 20570 BERGARA  (Gipuzkoa) · Tel.: 943 899 270
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Job listing

In order to provide a good service to students, alumni and companies, Miguel Altuna LHII manages its job bank through the website


By means of this system, each person looking for a job will be registered, and in turn the companies, by means of a password, will be able to obtain the CVs of those people with a certain profile. This makes it possible to have up-to-date data and at the same time speed up the process of accessing available workers/jobs.

The aim of the job bank is to make it easier for current and former students to access or return to the labour market, or if necessary, to help improve their current situation.


Steps to follow to register in the system: Contact the person in charge of the Job Bank or enter directly into the application.

Once the access code is in place, the interested party can update their CV themselves via


Your data will be used by Miguel Altuna LHII for academic purposes and for the communication of future job offers. You will always be able to exercise your right to rectify or cancel your personal data by contacting us.

Responsible: Gorka Lazkano
Where: Agirrebidea 2, 20.570 Bergara
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00.
Tel.: 943 899 272 / 605 723 237