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Administration Management


 Basic vocational Training passed
 E.S.O passed
 R.E.M first cycle passed
 B.U.P. second course passed
 FP1 (Vocational Training) certified
A Medium level vocational training cycle passed (technician certified)
Access test to Medium Level

Professional ModuleHoursYear
0437. Company communication and customer service1651st
0438. Trading administrative operations1321st
0440. Ofimatic information processing2641st
0441. Accounting1321st
0442. Human resources administrative operations1321st
0156. Technical English1651st
0439. Business and administration1052nd
0443. Accounts documentation management1052nd
0446. Company simulations1682nd
0448. Cash management assistance1472nd
0449. Career training and guidance1052nd
0451. Work placement3802nd

This professional will be able to:

• Process documents or internal and external communications in the information circuits of the company.
• Create documents and communications from received orders and acquired information.
• Classify, register and file communications; documents according to the appropriate techniques and the established parameters of the company.
• Register for accounting purposes the support documentation corresponding to the operations of the company security and quality like.
• Perform treasury management operations, following the rules and protocols established in the management to maintain the organization’s liquidity.
• Handle selection and human resources’ training administrative management. adjusting to current regulations and business policy. under the supervision of the head of the department.
• Give administrative support on the area of labor management of the company adjusting to current regulations under the supervision of the head of the department.
• Perform customer/user service activities on the commercial and administrative field, ensuring the quality levels established and related to the image of the company / institution.

Further training:
Students enrolled on this vocational cycle may receive further training to choose from:

• Forklift handling.
• Bridge crane handling.
• The knowledge needed to carry out labour risk prevention basic level activities.
• English extra classes.


Possibility to have placement abroad with the Erasmus + programme.

Possibility to accomplish DUAL Vocational Training: Modality that allows students to alternate school training and company training.

* Keep on studying:

  • A High Level vocational Training Cycle.
  • Another Medium Level vocational Training Cycle with the possibility of establishing validations of professional modules according to current regulations.
  • A levels in all its modalities.


*Career openings::

  • Administration Assistant.
  • Receptionist.
  • Office Assistant.
  • Customer Service supervisor.
  • Receipts and payments Manager.
  • Treasury Supervisor.
  • Sales Administration.
  • Payments supervisor.
  • Management and Personnel Administration.
  • Bank and Financial Institution Administration.


Field: Administration and management
Number of courses: Usual Schedule, in the morning: 2 courses.
Methodology: Collaborative learning based on challenges.
Duration: 2000 hours. ( at school and at the company)
Models: D

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