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Electrical and Automatic Facilities


 Basic vocational Training passed
 E.S.O passed
 R.E.M first cycle passed
 B.U.P. second course passed
 FP1 (Vocational Training) certified
A Medium level vocational training cycle passed (technician certified)
Access test to Medium Level

Professional Module Hours Year
0232. Industrial automatisms 264 1st
0233. Electronics 132 1st
0234. Electrotechnics 198 1st
0235. Indoor electrical facilities 297 1st
0239. Solar photovoltaic facilities 66 1st
E100. Technical English 33 1st
0236. Distribution facilities 105 2nd
0237. Common telecommunication infrastructures in homes and buildings 105 2nd
0238. Domotic facilities 126 2nd
0240. Electrical machinery 126 2nd
0241. Career training and guidance 105 2nd
0242. Enterprise and entrepreneurship 63 2nd
0243. Work placement 380 2nd

This professional will be able to:

• Configure and calculate facilities and equipment.
• Assemble the component elements of low voltage distribution networks and auxiliary elements.
• Assemble equipment and pipelines associated with electrical and automated installations and telecommunications infrastructures in buildings.
• Install and maintain rotating and static electric machines.
• Maintain and repair installations and equipment.
• Establish the logistics associated with the assembly and maintenance.
• Prepare budgets, technical documentation and administrative documentation.
• Verify the operation of the installation.

Further training:
Students enrolled on this vocational cycle may receive further training to choose from:

• Forklift handling.
• Bridge crane handling.
• The knowledge needed to carry out labour risk prevention basic level activities.
• English extra classes.


Possibility to have placement abroad with the Erasmus + programme.

Possibility to accomplish DUAL Vocational Training: Modality that allows students to alternate school training and company training.

* Keep on studying:

  • A High Level vocational Training Cycle.
  • Another Medium Level vocational Training Cycle with the possibility of establishing validations of professional modules according to current regulations.
  • A levels in all its modalities.


*Career openings:

  • Electrical Line Installer.
  • Electrical Installer in buildings.
  • Industrial electrician.
  • Maintenance electrician.
  • Domotic systems fitter.
  • Antenna fitter.
  • Telecommunications installer in residential buildings.
  • Telephone equipment fitter.
  • Installer of photovoltaic solar energy installations.


Field: Electricity and electronics
Number of courses: Usual Schedule, in the morning: 2 courses.
Methodology: Collaborative learning based on challenges.
Duration: 2000 hours. (at school and at the company)
Models: A+B+D

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