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Presentation of the Collaborative Learning Factories of Miguel Altuna at the International Congress on Applied Research and Innovation organized by WFCP

Unai Ziarsolo, responsible for international projects of Miguel Altuna, is participating in the international congress on “Applied Research and Innovation” organized by the WFCP (World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics) and is being held on April 23rd and 24th in Montreal, Canada.

In this established international community of practice, members share the results and achievements of applied research projects carried out by their institutions, as well as exemplary practices related to applied research and innovation. 

Unai Ziarsolo has presented the system of innovation applied to Vocational Training in the Basque Country led by Tknika and an example of innovation applied to Vocational Training Miguel Altuna (caliper pin poster) and in LCAMP, another poster of Collaborative Learning Factories led by Miguel Altuna. He also highlighted the importance of international cooperation in research and applied innovation and the value of the community of practice to share experiences and knowledge in this field.

Ziarsolo’s participation in this workshop shows Miguel Altuna’s commitment to research and applied innovation and his interest in collaborating with the international community in this field.